Sunday, 15 January 2017

Twee - keep track of tv-series v2.2.7.5 [Ad-Free] APK

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THIS APP ISN'T FOR WATCHING TV SHOWS, ONLY TRACK YOUR PROGRESS!Twee is a small app to help you keep track of the tv series/shows you're following. It's beautiful and easy to use, following the new android design guidelines. It's still in beta and is constantly being developed. Note that you MUST refresh for settings to kick in.
Don't forget to follow Twee on Google+ for latest news!
I have added an issue tracker, please feel free to add bugs and feature requests there: or send me an email to
★ Core functionality (find tv shows/series, add them, mark the episodes as watched and so on)
★ Integration with trakt is being worked on in beta, polishing some stuff!
★ DashClock integration
★ Dark and light theme
★ An clean looking minimal widget
★ Multiple profiles
★ Twee has a new awesome timeline that helps you stay updated with the latest episodes you have to watch
★ Add shows from's trendings list
★ Back log, make it easy to see what episodes you've missed
Twee gets all of its show information from the great open source database It's an awesome site and you should donate! :)

I'm just one guy doing this for fun at my spare time, so I'm sorry if some bugs may take a while to get fixed.
I really hope you'll enjoy using Twee as much as I do building it!

* Added app shortcuts, one for adding new shows, and then links to shows based on watch activity



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