Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Maxthon5 Browser-Fast&Private v5.0.4.3017 APK

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Maxthon5 browser is the world's first browser that seamlessly connect all your devices together based on cloud. With tons of built-in state-of-art features, Maxthon5 browser is ready for all your needs the moment it’s on your device.Searching, reading hot news, shopping online, watching videos, downloading files, playing games, listening to music, syncing across devices,No more freezon pages,with Maxrhon5 you can enjoy the smoothest Internet surfing.……
That's not all. By integrating content collection, password management, and email protection features, Maxthon5 is the new generation browser that will upgrade the user experience to a whole new exciting level.
With over 6,000,000,000 downloads and hundreds of “Best Browser” awards from various third-parties, Maxthon5 is here to provide you a better ecosystem to manage your online life.
•Built-in Adblocker-helping you get rid of ads
The powerful ad-blocker is built in Maxthon5 natively. It blocks out most of the pop-ups and ads, giving you a clean mobile web.
•Sync across devices-everything is cloud based
Log into your Maxthon account, all your bookmarks, notes, tabs, history and settings on your desktop will be synced from our powerful cloud to your phone and tablet.
Continue where you left off and keep your desktop and mobile on the same page.
•Maxnote-the best note-taking alternative to Evernote
Make notes easily while browsing the web. Collect and save any content you see on the web with one tap. Read, edit and organize your collection even without a connection.
•Passkeeper-the ultimate password manager
Maxthon5 is a secure browser that offers maximum privacy and security.It generates passwords to your liking, securely saves them and automatically fills them in next time you visit the site. Any of your private information can be stored safely in it.
Employing multiple encryption technology, your passwords will never be safer.
•UUMail-keep your email organized and secure
No need to give your real email address out while registering for websites and services. Create unlimited shadow email address to block out junk, ads and spam forever.
•Incognito-protect your privacy
Privacy is essential for the mobile web too. Turn on Incognito mode in MX5 and browse the mobile web without a trace.
Open unlimited tabs and quickly flip through them by swiping from side to side on the screen.
•Quick Access-customize your homepage
Add your top favorite web sites and apps to access them faster, rather than spending time looking for them.
•Smart Download Manager-save time and money
Keep browsing the web while MX5 downloads for you in the background. See and manage your download tasks and files.
Pause and continue downloading from the breakpoint.
•Fast search (comes with in-page search) 
Maxthon5 Browser understands and smartly suggests you the results you might like,based on your previous searches and what’s trending.Our browser provides powerful search engine list. Get instant search results from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex. Even better, the in-page search helps you find whatever you need within website pages.With Maxthon5 Browser, you can search for Christmas gifts or any information about the amazing joyful and gracious holiday. The accurate and plentiful search results will create surprise for your friends in advance.
•QR Code Scanner
MX5 comes with a smart QR Code Scanner that reads all kinds of QR codes.
fast/download videos/speed access/search movies/Tv SHOW/
Learn more about Maxthon:
Discover more Maxthon products: http://www.maxthon.com
Join our fan base: http://forum.maxthon.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/maxthon
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Maxthon
YouTube: www.youtube.com/MaxthonCloudBrowser
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/maxthon-international-limited
Contact us at: contact@maxthon.com

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