Sunday, 22 January 2017

Auto Call Recorder - PRO v1.5.7 APK

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First, try out the free version, please purchase the paid version.
This app is an ad-free paid version.When you are talking on the phone , click on the difficulties of recording this?
Auto Call Recorder app to use here .
Who came to the phone .
Receipt and sending , phone number, call duration , the name is automatically stored in the address book .
And you can put a note whether the call can easily save any currency .
Call Call leave a note as individuals try to keep . This will be of help to your business .
Following is a sample of the major and important deposit by moving the call recording can be stored for a long time .
Although many call recording application , but the benefits of this application are as follows:
Call recording can be selected automatically .
Upon completion of recording, the sound can tell you .
Upon completion of recording vibrations can tell you .
Keep one recording file is automatically deleted according to the recorded files can be
You can play the recorded file .
The recorded file will tell you the path .

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